Steps for first authorization 

Procedure for Authorizing Exact Online Environment on

Before proceeding with the integration of your Exact account, it is important to follow these steps:

Step 1 (optional)
Create a password using the 'password reset' email from Flows.

Step 2
Ensure that you are logged into the correct Exact Online account that you want to synchronize with (via Note that the currently open administration will be authorized. If you want to authorize multiple Exact administrations, make sure to specify which system you have authorized with which administration and division code (found in the web address bar after switching between administrations).

Step 3 
On the screen with systems and flows, click on the left box labeled 'systems.'

Step 4

Click on the system for which you want to grant authorization, labeled EOL / Exact.

Step 5
Click on 'Authorize' in the top right corner to establish a connection with the Exact online environment.

Your system is now authorized for Exact. If there are multiple administrations within an Exact license, it is recommended to provide Moni with the division codes for the relevant administrations by copying and sending the link from the web address bar.