Within the default location of M-Shop there is a M-Shop CLI version installed which can be started though Windows CMD.

This batch file will help you to configure the arguments so you can easily verify the commands are correctly set up.

Navigate to the default location of M-Shop though Windows CMD. The location is: C:\Programdata\RedAnt\M-Shop

There will be a file called: RedAnt.MShop.CLI.bat This is the file to control M-Shop with

Once you run RedAnt.MShop.CLI.bat through CMD you will something like this:

At the end there is a row "Example" which will run an order download to give you an example what the correct arguments are.

"/c:Test" configures you want to use configuration "Test", You can find the exact name to fill out in M-Shop under: Edit -> Other M-Shop configurations The exact name should be used "/c:EXACT NAME HERE"

Once every argument has been verified it should run an order download (or action as supplied).

If everything works as expected you can start the Windows Task Scheduler on the machine.

Use the Windows Task Scheduler and choose for "Basic task", provide the interval when the command is running.

When asked for an "Action" you will select the program RedAnt.MShop.CLI.bat from "C:\Programdata\RedAnt\M-Shop". Fill out under "Add arguments". The /c:"config" DownloadOrders etc...

Once the wizard has been closed open up the properties of the task and please make sure the checkbox "run task even when user is logged off" has been enabled, when you enable this you will need to provide the users password of the computer. Save the task and verify if it runs as configured.

You successfully configured the scheduled task with running M-Shop!